The Sir George Martin Trust is an independent grantmaker which aims to improve the well-being of disadvantaged and vulnerable people in West Yorkshire by giving grants to locally-based, registered charities and churches who support their local community.

The Trust generally gives out flexible, one-off grants for running, capital and project costs, ranging from £500 – £5,000. From March 2024, the trustees will only consider applicants that:

1. Deliver support and/or activities which benefit disadvantaged and vulnerable people living in West Yorkshire.

2. Are a West Yorkshire-based registered charity, CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) or church.

3. Have less than a £1million income (based on their last financial year’s accounts).

In addition, from March 2024, the Sir George Martin Trust will be piloting an extended funding project, supporting a small number of locally registered charities/CIOs with an income of around £100,000 or lower. We will target long-standing charities that feel they are in need of support to get their organisation back on track, as well as newer charities/CIOs which need a boost to make their work more sustainable for the long term. Each recipient of extended funding will receive a multi-year grant along with signposting guidance and support from our Trust Manager. The extended funding will be offered by invitation only.

Charities which do not have their head office or Charity Commission main administration address located in West Yorkshire can no longer apply.

In order to maintain a high grant success rate (around 40 – 50% of all enquiries), the Trust currently does not accept applications from any community groups or organisations not registered with the Charity Commission (apart from churches), CICs (Community Interest Companies), Community Benefit Societies, Co-operative Societies, schools, nurseries or playgroups.

Our Trust supports a wide range of local communities and issues, and places an emphasis on being approachable, supportive and flexible so that the grant application process is as positive as possible for grant seekers. The trustees aim to continue the legacy of Sir George in an inclusive and generous spirit.

The trustees encourage our Trust Manager, Carla Marshall, to carry out a personalised approach to working with grant seekers and applicants, providing added value through her visits and support. Whenever possible and when appropriate, our Trust Manager will aim to provide other suitable grantmakers to approach, suggest useful organisations and trusted contacts to get advice and support from, as well as giving feedback on the application to the Sir George Martin Trust.

For further information visit the Who We Give To and How to Apply pages. If you would like to request an application form, please email our Trust Manager Carla Marshall at or call 01943 605372 and tell us about your organisation and its work.

The trustees will next meet to discuss grant applications on the 17th October 2024, February and June 2025. Applicants should initially get in touch at least two-three months before each meeting.

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