1. Check that your organisation meets our criteria on the Who We Give To page and review the case studies on the Recent Recipients page to get a better idea of the sort of charities we support.

2. Please email info@sirgeorgemartintrust.org.uk or telephone 01423 810222 and our Trust Manager, Carla Marshall will send you our application form. It helps if you tell us a little bit about your organisation, your work and your current financial situation first.

3. Post or email the application with the requested information.

Other useful information:

  • The Trustees meet four times a year and will next meet in late February and early June, but due to the number of enquiries received, we recommend making initial contact with our Trust Manager at least 2-3 months before each meeting.
  • Following your initial enquiry, the Trust Manager will aim to give you a good idea of whether or not she thinks it is worth writing and sending in an application.
  • For new applicants, our Trust Manager will generally set up a telephone call, Zoom meeting or in person visit as part of the assessment process.
  • Each application and the Trust Manager’s report will then be reviewed by our eight trustees.
  • The Trust does not normally repeat grants to any charity in any one year, and the maximum number of consecutive grants is usually three. The Trust prefers to adopt a one-off policy in terms of its giving.
  • Unsuccessful enquiries and applicants are generally informed by email.
  • To review our Privacy Policy please click here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Trust Manager, Carla Marshall, if you have any questions. Our contact details are:

Carla Marshall
Sir George Martin Trust
Harlig House, Skipton Road, Ilkley, LS29 9RP


01423 810222