1. Check that your organisation meets our criteria on the Who We Give To page and review the case studies on the Recent Recipients page to get a better idea of the sort of charities we support.

2. Please email info@sirgeorgemartintrust.org.uk or telephone 01423 810222 and our Trust Manager, Carla Marshall will send you our application form. It helps if you tell us a little bit about your organisation, your work and your current financial situation first.

3. Post or email the application with the requested information.

4. The Sir George Martin Trust is a participant of the new Yorkshire Common Application Form initiative (YCAF) which aims to make the application process for grant seekers easier and faster by many local funders asking exactly the same questions in the same format on their application form. The other YCAF participants can be reviewed at https://www.yorkshirefunders.org.uk/resources/

Other useful information:

  • The Trustees generally meet three times a year to discuss grant applications and will next meet in early July and early November, but due to the number of enquiries received, we recommend making initial contact with our Trust Manager at least 2-3 months before each meeting.
  • Following your initial enquiry, the Trust Manager will aim to give you a good idea of whether or not she thinks it is worth writing and sending in an application.
  • For new applicants, our Trust Manager will generally set up a telephone call, Zoom meeting or in person visit as part of the assessment process.
  • Each application and the Trust Manager’s report will then be reviewed by our seven trustees.
  • The Trust does not normally repeat grants to any charity in any one year, and the maximum number of consecutive grants is usually three. The Trust prefers to adopt a one-off policy in terms of its giving.
  • Unsuccessful enquiries and applicants are generally informed by email.
  • To review our Privacy Policy please click here SGMT Privacy Notice 2022

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Trust Manager, Carla Marshall, if you have any questions. Our contact details are:

Carla Marshall
Sir George Martin Trust
Harlig House, Skipton Road, Ilkley, LS29 9RP


01423 810222